The genesis of the Arrowsmith Program of cognitive exercises lies in Barbara Arrowsmith-Young’s journey of discovery and innovation to overcome her own severe learning disabilities, a description of which appears in the article, Building a Better Brain or in Chapter 2 of the book, “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Dr. Norman Doidge. Diagnosed in grade one as having a mental block, which today would have been identified as multiple learning disabilities, she read and wrote everything backwards, had trouble processing concepts in language, continuously got lost and was physically uncoordinated. Barbara eventually learnt to read and write from left to right and mask a number of the symptoms of her learning disabilities through heroic effort, however she continued throughout her educational career to have difficulty with specific aspects of learning.

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Barbara Arrowsmith Young presents in Toronto, Canada: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life – Neuroplasticity and Learning

Date: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Location: Toronto, Canada

Barbara Arrowsmith Young 2020 Book Tour

Date: 2020 To Be Announced

Location: Australia, New Zealand, Asia

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